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Welcome to the Oncology Society of New Jersey online.  A resource on topics of interest to all Oncologists

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medical oncology

The Medical Oncology Society of New Jersey is dedicated to promote and foster the multidimensional care of cancer patients throughout New Jersey by bringing together all of the practicing cancer specialists across all disciplines.  To help our cancer patients face one of the greatest challenges in their lives and be cured of their disease, their treating physicians, surgeons, radiation therapists, oncology nurses, social workers, pharmacists, cancer researchers and dietitians all have to have the latest scientific knowledge and technology available within easy reach.  The MOSNJ through this website aims to provide our members the information and networking to make this a reality for all of our patients.

Therefore, MOSNJ, along with the Oncology Society of NJ, are there to enhance the dissemination of the latest medical and scientific information to our membership through meetings, open exchange/sharing of information and bringing cancer meetings our members sponsor at their local hospitals to our membership through this website.

MOSNJ wants to be a resource for our patients living with cancer so they can find the best cancer specialists close to home as well get the cancer information they seek.

We are here to represent, advocate for and be a liaison for our membership and our patients before state and national governmental agencies and health insurance companies in order to continue to provide our patients the best cancer care.  Maintaining the autonomy of our membership to provide cutting edge cancer treatment is paramount.

Although these seem like lofty insurmountable goals, they are not.  If we all work together and volunteer our time to make this website all that it can be, all of us, as well our patients, will be the benefactors.

Mark Pascal, MD


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